Quest exhibition of ID:I Galleri – Xenization

Weronika Bela & Ivar Hagren, Beatrice Hansson, Dan Lageryd, Alexander Mood, Anna Ridderstad, Johanna Schartau, Isak Sundström, Snežana Vučetić Bohm and Johan Wiking

This exhibition shows works of art of ten artists representing ID:I Galleri from Stockholm, Sweden. Shown are paintings, drawings, photography , prints and textile works gathered around the word and theme “Xenization”. 
1. (Linguistics) The borrowing and integration of foreign linguistic elements into a language.
2. (Biology) The process of integrating an organism into an environment containing other types of organisms.
3. The act of spending time in a foreign culture. 
Source: Urban dictionary
Exhibitor and member of ID:I Galleri Weronika Bela tells about the exhibition: 
Me and Ivar Hagren are among 4 new artists at the ID:I Galleri in Stockholm, and are happy to be representing ID:I during the exhibition here in Tampere. This exhibition is the first international project I am involved in since the pandemic started. Traveling and exhibiting outside of Stockholm has been very normal to me, but now feels exciting and somewhat strange. Fellow exhibiting artist Isak Sundström suggested the title ”Xenization” and when I read the definition it put the finger on my emotions. I think we have been forced to keep things local for such a long time now, that even a neighboring country feels exotic and foreign. Suddenly borders between countries seem more tangible and very real.
The biological definition of the word Xenization is easily appropriated to the works of art, being exhibited in Tampere, where we are guests in a foreign art scene. During the pandemic we have become more familiar with biological nomenclature, such as flock immunity, contact tracing, asymptomatic; many words from the biological field have become part of our vocabulary.
ID:I Galleri is an artist run gallery that started in 2002. The gallery is run collectively by 27 professional artists, each with their own artistic approach, united by the idea that they are not primarily running a commercial gallery but first and foremost they constitute an artist run, experimental gallery space.



IDI galleri 1-5 April

ett samarbete mellan ID:I galleri och Tegen2 med rörlig bild i skyltfönstret på Tjärhovsgatan 19
Trottoarvideo fortsätter under påskhelgen med följande filmer:
sliN (2013) av Nils Claesson
Apatisk kung i vinterlandskap (2021) av Alexander Mood
Condition of Sea (2013) av Hillside Projects
Lunch / Servering / Kebab / Take Away (2013) av Dan Lageryd
Heavenly Bodies II (2019) av Josefina Malmegård
The Tunnel That Was (2019) av Tim Claxton
With Outthrust Arm (2014) av Anna Hawkins
Då många människor väljer att inte besöka ett galleri i denna tid av pandemi har vi valt att presentera ett antal videoverk i skyltfönstret på ID:I galleri på Tjärhovsgatan 19. Vi tar på detta sätt det offentliga rummet och inte minst trottoaren i anspråk för att låta konsten vara fortsatt verksam i vår stad.
Fri konst och bredare trottoarer!
ID:I galleri och Tegen2
Torsdag 1/4 Nils Claesson: sliN
Fredag 2/4 Alexander Mood: Apatisk kung i vinterlandskap
Lördag 3/4 Hillside Projects: Condition of Sea
Söndag 4/4 Dan Lageryd: Lunch / Servering / Kebab / Take Away
Måndag 5/4
Josefina Malmgård: Heavenly Bodies II
Tim Claxton: The Tunnel That Was
Anna Hawkins: With Outthrust Arm