Platform Projects-Space 52


Platform Projects-Space 52 Athens 2019

The Whole and it’s Parts (through an urbanistique Lens)
one night pop up exhibition event at Space52 (Kastorias 52, Athens 104 47)

Saturday May 18, 2019, starting 9pm

10pm Performance:
Searching for the European Roller by Hillside Projects (SE), Performed by Jonas Böttern, Hillside Projects

Paolo Arao (US) | Tim Claxton (SE) | Åsa Ersmark(SE) | Sibylle Feucht(GER) | Merzedes Šturm-Lie (SE)| Hillside Projects (SE) | JuJe (CA) | Dan Lageryd (SE) | Alexander Mood (SE) + Jenny Aschenbrenner (SE) | Annelie Wallin (SE) | Mathieu Valade (CA) | Guido Winkler (NL)