Das Esszimmer

Opening: Friday June 15, 2018, starting 6pm
Embassy Councilor for Cultural Affairs of the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, Mrs. Nina Röhlcke, will open the exhibition. Some of the artist’s will be present.

This is the first part of the innovative cooperation-, exchange- and exhibition project between ID:I Galleri – a non-commercial art space in Stockholm, run by artists and DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ in Bonn.

The artist curators Alexander Mood and Annelie Wallin from ID:I will take over DAS ESSZIMMER during 4 weeks, showing 10 artists and artist collectives in a group show. Additionally they set up a program of 3 Video Screenings, running on different days.

participating artists:
Jenny Aschenbrenner (SE) | Aukea Collective (FI) | JuJe Collective (CA) | Alexaner Mood (SE) | Dan Lagerdyd (SE)| Helena Pehrsson (SE) | Mona Petersson (SE) | Artemis Potamiaou (GR) | Mathieu Valade (CA) | Annelie Wallin (SE)



Erased and recorded

The sound piece is the erased original tape 342 from the Nixon White House tapes. Tapes recorded at some point during the evening of June 20 1972 a conversation between two men was secretly taped on a SONY TC-800B reel-to-reel voice recorder. And has ever since ”remained by far the most infamous.tape of the Nixon tapes not because of the damaging or volatile nature of the information it contains, but precisely because of its absence: a gap in the tape of 18 1/2 minutes.”

The picture is from my father that had a brain tumour in the 1990’s. After his death seven years ago he left me with the X-rays of his brain. The trees are photographed through the x-ray, as if they grow inside my fathers brain.

Both the sound and the picture is recorded traces of memory filled with some sort of content that makes the white noise of Nixon and the reworked X-ray into some sort of ambivalent notion of a more profound meaning.