Born in 1973 in Stockholm Trained in Stockholm and Dublin BA (hons) degree from the National College of Art and Design Dublin 1999 Worked on both my own art projects and also with group projects I have participated in a number of group exhibitions internationally, mainly in Europe but also in Amerika and Canada . 1999-2006 I was A Member of, and organized, CRAC (Creative Room for Art and Computing) a digital experimental workshop and embassy for the time being about digital and video art. Within the framework of the CRAC Forum I organized exhibitions, lectures and an animation film festival (FIA Stockholm)Together with  the artists Gabriella Carlsson, Dan Lageryd and Matias Walden,  I created and ran, projects within the social-activist art project Parabola With the Stockholm suburb of Tensta and Tensta Träff Kulturhus as a base for their projects, Parabola collaborated with Modern Musset, UR and TCC (Tensta Community Center)Our projects featured in exhibitions in Tensta, but also in the Art Athena exhibition, and on UR web TV with the project ”To the Next Prime Minister”ID:I gallery Stockholm is my Stockholm base, where I have shown three solo exhibitions and curated both lectures and video screenings

 My artistic activity is mainly concerned with politics, history and memory and how history works in informing the present. I often start from an anthropological discourse and working method and have mainly worked with video and audio and installation.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Popop Gallery Montreal Canada 2022

Konstnärshuset Stockholm 2022


21-22 ”Microhistories” Konstfack university of arts craft and design,Stockholm, Sweden

97-99 BA F A (Hons) National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

93-96 Grafikskolan i Stockholm, College of Printmaking Arts in Stockholm, Sweden

92-93 Järva Konstskola, Foundation, Artschool, Stockholm, Sweden

Solo Exhibitions

 20-”Konstutionen”, IDI Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

18- ”Hågkomster”, Konstkuben, Samtidskonst I bro (Contemporary art in Bro), Bro, Sweden

17-”Liminalitet” IDI Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden,  In collaboration Jenny Aschenbrenner

11-”Iris” , IDI Galleri , Stockholm, Sweden

09-”Meningen är Förlorad”, IDI Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

01-”Is he dangerously sincere”,  Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway


21  ”Tracing Traces”Rosalux the Berlin based art space , Berlin, Germany

21   ”Xenization”,Galleria Muuntotila,  Tampara, Finland

21. ”Platforms Project.Net” , Digital Art Fair

21  ”Trottoarvideo” Screening IDI galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

20 ” Offspring” Site Specific, Sätraskogen, Sweden

19    ”Exchanges In Reverse”, Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki , Finland

19   ”Das Esszimmer gos Space 52” Space 52, Athens, Greece

18   ”IDI Gos Esszimmer”, DasEsszimmer Fur Kunst+, Bonn Germany

18-”Sublime and Repress”, Enia Gallery, Athens, Greece

18 ”Platforms Project” international Art Fair, IDI Galleri, Athens, Greece

18 ”The Contours of a Liminal Mind” HilbertRaum, Berlin, Germany

18 ”Iris”Elderly Ladies Twochang precent Konstvideo program (Video screening), Slipvillan, Årsta Folketshus, Stockholm Sweden

17-18 ”The Forest That Unites”, Centre des arts et de la culture de Ville de Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

17-”, Eating The Other”, Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki , Finland

17 ”Platforms Project”international Art Fair, IDI Galleri, Athens, Greece

17 ”Supermarket”International Art Fair, IDI Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

13 -16 ”Art Athena”international Art Fair, IDI Galleri , Athens, Greece

13 ”Nordic Art Between Miracles”, the Museum Centre for Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

11- ”Parabola”, Art festiva, , Kulturhuset Tensta Stockholm, Sweden

06- ”Video Nonstop”, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden

04-”Rotterdam VHS Festival”, The Netherlands

04- ”ISLAND FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL”, Prenelle Galleri, London, U.K

04- ”Diarama, MX0”, Den Haag, The Netherlands

03- ”Nth-Art Exhibit. 001”, Ols & co Gallery, London, U.K

03- ”SIKB(r), Söders International Art Biennale”,Stockholm, Sweden

02- ”Aktions” Galleri Enkehuset, Stockholm, Sweden

02- REACTIONS, Exit Art, New York, U.S,

02-”REACTIONS”, The Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, US

01- ”Vacationland”, Art House, Dublin, Ireland ,

01-”Vacationland”, Westbourne Studios, London, U.K

98- ”Absolute Sacred”, Royal Hyberian Academy, Dublin, Ireland

98- ”Schakt”, Site Specific Sofia berget, Stockholm Cultural Capital of 1998, Sweden

96-”Slut Utställning” Grafikskolan, Galleri Emla

92-”Kära Gud”, Site Specific Tensta, Sweden


14-Parabola, to the Next Prime Minister, Web TV UR

08-10 kreativ director and curater  FIA Stockholm, Animation Film Festival

05-Dork bot, Ersta Konsthall

00- Vykort från Förorten, Freech Magasin