AMV, Galerie Popop, BELGO, Montreal, Canada with these wonderful artists and friends The artists Julien Boily, Cindy Dumais and Mathieu Valade from AMV invite artists Tiny Domingos, Alexander Mood and Artemis Potamianou – three European artists – and exhibit together at the @Galerie POPOP in the Belgo building from Wednesday October 5 to Saturday October 8 from 12 to 5 p.m.
Apatic King Winterlanskape
When my father died, he left me with several collections of things with either material or economic value. He also left a sort of fantasy kingdom with its own constitution and history all documented in text. Also, as a part of this kingdom he left several artefacts such as a crown, a sword and a robe.

The video is part of a performance where I lay on the ground outside my house in a temperature below 10 Celsius. The body goes through the first stage of hypothermia. This is a form of transition-ritual liter


Tracing Traces

Tracing Traces

Group show Rosalux Berlin based art space

Opening Friday 24 september 2021, 7 PM
24 Sept – 03 Oct.
Opening hours
Saturdays 2-6 PM and per appointment

”Liminality” is a collection of street posters gathered from all over the world since 2004. From the extreme political to the purely commercial, events that have already become history scream out messages and propaganda intended for city streets in a special purpose. Things that have happened but are now passed and only remain as fragmented traces.

Messages written out from walls in the public domain, some of decisive events, presidential elections and protest marches, others small events, important for a few.

NATO campaign in Afghanistan, Trump’s election campaign, propaganda of suicide bombers, the presidential election in Ghana, the battle for the Finnish humor on DVD and a missing dog in New York.

This installation, much like the city itself, is constantly changing. New posters will be added over time, others will decay or be destroyed in the artistic process. The posters becomes like a second skin, layers of some small part of the history of the world, and if we examine them today, they tell us something about the past.

Tracing Traces An exhibition about the tracks and traces we leave behind in the form of the culture we create. About the traces and forms that nature creates.
Dark times. Perhaps we have been there before. Every time the world changes, some of us rightly predict an apocalypse.
We are individuals in a small group. We investigate, interpret, process, associate and relate. For a while, a piece is created with our work together, one of many pieces with voices about our time.
Participating artists:
Alexander Mood, SWE, Beatrice Hansson, SWE, Dan Lageryd, SWE, Hillside Projects, SWE, Ella Tahkolahti, FIN, Hanna Marno, FIN